July 22, 2018

LA Times And The Ferguson Effect: It’s Mystifying!

By: Mike McDaniel    Progressives are always surprised when their policies inevitably blow up in their faces. They have no idea how absolutely foreseeable consequences could possibly have happened. It’s always a mystery. Why, it’s mystifying! And so it is with the nationwide spread of the Ferguson Effect. For those who have begun to drop by The Manor only recently–and welcome, by the way–the Ferguson Effect describes the reaction of America’s police to the Obama Administration’–and progressivism’s–substantively successful effort to turn the public against them. While efforts to damage the police were underway long before the events in Ferguson, Missouri, that was the situation that caught on in the public’s imagination, and the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, cemented the reality of the effect. Police officers everywhere have been abandoning proactive policing as a matter of self-preservation.

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