LAWYER: Corsi poised to “end Mueller’s reign of terror.”

NYT: Jerome Corsi was subpoenaed by the special counsel. - Credit Charles Sykes/Associated Press

Lawyer: Corsi poised to ‘end Mueller’s reign of terror’

Target of Russia probe to ask court to remove special counsel


…A lawsuit set to by filed Monday puts journalist Jerome Corsi in a unique position to legally end special counsel Robert Mueller’s “reign of terror,” contends attorney Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.

Klayman, who is representing Corsi, said in a WND column Friday night he will file a complaint against Mueller with acting Attorney General Mathew Whittaker and the heads of the Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General of Justice Department.

The special counsel is probing a theory that Corsi and Trump operative Roger Stone, had a WikiLeaks contact who previewed hacked emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman (John Podesta), and informed Trump…about the forthcoming release.

Corsi has rejected a plea deal, declaring publicly that the special counsel was pressuring him to falsely admit that he lied to investigators about his relationship with WikiLeaks.

Corsi insists he has never had direct contact with Julian Assange or his organization. And he contends he did not willfully mislead investigators but merely did not remember an email spotlighted by prosecutors.

The Daily Caller reported Friday that Corsi claims special counsel prosecutors failed to present exculpatory evidence to a federal grand jury that backs up his claim that he had no specific knowledge of the WikiLeaks dump.

The lawsuit, Klayman said, alleges obstruction of justice, witness tampering and witness intimidation by the special counsel and his prosecutorial staff.

It will “ask for Mueller’s removal and professional discipline and much more by way of criminal prosecution for him and his prosecutorial staff accomplices.”

“In rejecting the felonious plea proposal of special counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff just last week…Dr. Corsi invoked his godly belief that he was doing the right thing, not just for himself but the nation,” Klayman wrote…..

…Corsi, a former InfoWars and WND reporter, told the Hill he thinks Mueller is “a political hack and a criminal.”

“We’re going to say to the Office of Professional Responsibility and the inspector general that the way these prosecutors on Mueller’s team behaved with me, and the deal they gave me, which was fraudulent, I believe demands a criminal investigation,” he said


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