Lib Plant Poses as “Obama is Hitler” Spouting Conservative at Town Hall

Update: As the media descends further into the toilet for Obama we learn that they are simply incapable of reading the sign that they are attributing to mainstream Republicans. Newsbusters notes that the sign actually has a website listed at the bottom: Had the media even bothered to detach their lips from Congressional Democrat asses long enough to look up the lefty website they would have seen that the Obama/Hitler image and other Obama/Hitler references are prominently placed repeatedly on the site. Instead MSM flunkies continue to blame conservatives for what is clearly a product of far left wing lunacy.

The remaining question is why the media couldn’t bother to even report that the sign was spotted in a back hallway at the Dingell event after the union plants were let in through a side entrance.

Update #2: The Dems are just getting more and more desperate as the days wear on. Oakland County Democratic Party busted sending out fake tear jerker health care letters to Republican county commissioners. Interns fess up to ploy after concerned commissioner calls on mother to lend a helping hand. Democrat Party leaders apologize after getting caught. (h/t Moonbattery)

Original article below:

Some people are so stupid. The morons shown below are picking up the slack for Pelosi, Dick Durbin and the rest of the socialists in Congress by showing up at a Dingell sponsored town hall posing as conservatives complete with Obama is Hitler signs. The only problem is that they are actually Dingell supporters (Hat Tip BlogProf)

Seriously. Like nobody could have predicted this stunt.


CNN Gladly Reports on Lib Plant Posing as Wingnut

That black man holding the sign is allegedly a Dingel (D) supporter and was busted by bloggers doing the job the state run media refuses to do.

The mainstream media has been riding the tails of their sources at the Huffington Post and Daily Kos to beat the flames of right wing Klan like crazies opposing health care.

Note how “professional journalists” can’t pick up and report real stories such as the following:

We know that the real protesters are genuine. Question for all you Obama supporters. When the hell are you going to wake up? If Democrats have to go this far to fool you into believing their crap how far are they willing to go when you actually start questioning them yourselves? Ooops, wait. You have already been marginalized because many in opposition are not conservatives. You are as nutty and Un-American as all of us according to Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. So much for the notion that theses Congressional leaders support you. That went out the window the minute you strayed off the farm!

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