Are Liberals Trying To Steal The Election 3 Weeks Later?

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

By Scott Kirwin

Update: Trump has responded, but calling the recall effort a “scam” is overly simplistic. It is actually a brilliant move. If the recount changes nothing, Hillary and her liberal supporters lose nothing. Jill Stein takes the heat liberals are out a few million bucks which they can easily afford. But if it nets her votes, we at best face a crisis between a November election result winner and a December election result winner, at worst a constitutional crises that could result in Hillary Clinton being sworn into office in January.

Former Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s effort to pay for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania just got a shot in the arm with the announcement the Clinton campaign is joining. Clinton’s move gives the effort legitimacy and will likely force Trump’s team to join as well.

If the recounts differ significantly from previously reported results we could be in for a repeat of the 2000 election with partisan teams of vote reviewer deciding voter intent. I’m not sure how ready the GOP is for such a fight at a time when Trump has been moving to soften his rhetoric and unite not only his party but Americans in general.

Questions should be raised about the storage of the ballots. How do we know that the ballots cast are the same ones that will be counted in the coming months? How can we rule out tampering between the time they were counted and the time they are counted again? Liberals are worried about unsubstantiated rumors of Russian hacking of the vote, so why shouldn’t conservatives be worried about liberals tampering with the ballots after the election while they were on harddrives, tapes or paper?

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And why is Jill Stein spearheading the effort? I find it odd that the Green Party candidate who likely siphoned off votes from Hillary now seems determined to help Hillary win. The conspiracy minded might suggest that Stein only ran against Hillary because conventional wisdom had Clinton winning by a landslide. Now that Trump won, Stein is attempting a mea culpa by giving Democratic operatives an opening to overturn the election through unconventional means.

Ask yourself this: Which is more likely? Russia hacking the election or Democrats hacking the recount? Is it difficult to imagine a live hack that targets all precincts, or the tens of thousands of voting machines in thousands of precincts in swing states, shaving just enough votes for Trump to win, doing so in real-time, and without triggering suspicion? Or is it more difficult to imagine a post-election hack of a few hundred machines or dozen vote tabulators in just three key states two and a half weeks after the election? Timestamps can be faked as can paper ballots. It is simply much easier to hack a close election after its over rather than while it is occurring.

Trump must act and quickly. Options include expanding the recount to cover states Hillary won by margins similar to Trump’s win in Pennsylvania. That will siphon off Stein’s funds very quickly and send a message to the Democrats that he can play their game. But he can no longer ignore the recount effort.

Like everyone else I thought this election was over. I was wrong. I should never have doubted the depths liberals would go to get their way. Nothing is too dirty for them, nothing beyond the pale – even sending death threats to Electoral College electors. Conservatives know that but unfortunately the GOP party does not.

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