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Corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
Corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Illinois residents, including myself, got an early Christmas Present this year when Governor Rod Blagojevich was hauled out of his residence on corruption charges that are sadly unsurprising for politicians from a Chicago political machine that can not shake corruption no matter how many predecessors land in jail. This current corruption scandal reaches all the way up to the president elect although there is no indication that Barack Obama was involved directly in the scheme.

Rod Blagojevich (Blago – \blä-go\ short a) considered himself a potential Presidential candidate for 2012 and was rumored to have been slighted that Obama got the nod before he did. Even though he was known to be under investigation he continued the braven acts of corruption that resulted in a federal wiretap that ensnared him and his wife in schemes to sell the open Senator’s seat vacated by Barack Obama, strong arming the Chicago Tribune editorial board to oust people that were hard on Blago in print in exchange for favors to sell the Chicago Cubs and an effort to withhold money from a Children’s Hospital unless the hospital participated in a campaign kickback scheme.

It is reported that one candidate considered paying for the open Senator seat; speculation is that Senate candidate #5 is non other that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.; a close friend to Barack Obama.

George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich’s predecessor, is currently sitting in jail after being convicted of corruption charges ranging from the sale of government licenses, patronage schemes that showered millions on politically connected friends and relatives and a drivers’ license for bribes scandal that resulted in the death of 6 children that were killed by a non-English speaking immigrant truck driver that purchased his license in the bribe program. The six children of the Willis family died a fiery death when the truck driver was unable to understand the frantic signs from nearby drivers that were signaling him that something was wrong with the truck, part of which fell off and was struck by the Willis family van causing an explosion. The parents survived, the children perished.

The Willis family story ties into today’s corruption scandal in that it was made possible by losers like Il. Senator Dick Durbin that essentially turn a blind eye to these crimes and in the case of George Ryan actually requesting a pardon from President Bush for Governor Ryan. Until the Dick Durbin’s of the world are kicked out of office this kind of corruption will continue because they are just one happy family. With a wink and a nod the weasels in government continue to reap the benefits of enriching themselves at the expense of the people they supposedly represent.

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