Louisiana – Trump Helps Flood Victims, Obama Plays Golf

When you go to Louisiana, one thing that strikes you immediately is how the entire state is affected by water and by rivers. The Ouchita cuts through the state from the north, the Red River transects the entire state from the Shreveport in the northwest as it runs into the Mississippi and the two rivers meet a few miles above Baton Rouge, flowing into the Mississippi as it surges towards New Orleans and the Gulf.

The water has meant commerce,fishing, farmlands and wealth for Louisiana. And it has also meant death, destruction and heartbreak when the rains come, the levees overflow and the rivers unleash their destructiveness.

This is such a time for people in the north central part of the state where the rivers meet. Almost 80,000 people have lost their homes, disaster is widespread and many people have seen most of what theyown washed away.

At a time like this , what people most need next to promises of food,shelter and medical relief that might be a while in showing up (particularly in a state like Louisiana where corruption is not unknown) is a sense that they’re not alone, that someone ha seen and understood what they’re going through and has made a personal commitment to help.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence landed in flood stricken Baton Rouge today on Trump’s private plane. They actually brought truckloads of badly needed supplies with them and helped in the unloading themselves.

And to say that people were cheered and gratified to see them is an understatement:

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