Mack Beggs, transgender wrestler, should not eat her cake and have it

Mack Beggs

Mack Beggs, the transgender wrestler, should not wrestle as either a boy or a girl. She made a choice, so she, not society, should accept the consequences.

Mack Beggs is a 17-year-old genetic female with a serious body dysmorphia problem that has never been addressed: She believes that she was meant to be male, not female. Rather than treating this psychological problem, Beggs’ parents allowed her to take heavy doses of testosterone so that she can present to the world as a boy.

Aside from the fact that testosterone is very damaging, taking it does not make Beggs male. She has two X chromosomes, two ovaries, a uterus, milk-producing mammary glands (which she’ll eventually amputate), and a female skeletal system. What the testosterone has done, however, is given her a reasonable simulacrum of a male’s musculature.

Beggs has trained as a high school wrestler in Texas. Texas has a rule that students who compete in the state championships must compete in accordance with their biological gender, not their fantasy gender. Those with XY chromosomes, penises, testes, and the male’s heavier bone structure and musculature compete in the “Boys” category. Those who are equipped, as Beggs is, with two X chromosomes, ovaries, a uterus, milk-producing mammary glands, and a female’s lighter musculoskeletal system compete in the “Girls” category.

Texas refused to waive the rules for Beggs, so her biology trumped her delusional fantasy — she ended up competing as a girl, albeit a girl who was taking steroids, something that would have been illegal in any competition that did not intersect with the Left’s gender madness. By gender madness, of course, I mean the “pro-science” Left’s insistence that gender is not a biological construct but is, instead, a matter of wishing makes it so: Gender-wise, you are what you want to be.

Needless to say, bulked up by steroids, Beggs swept the Girls’ class in the Texas state wrestling championships:

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