Maddow Gets Trumped; Website of Trump Tax Return Reporter Crashes

Prior to her program last night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow teased on Twitter that she had President Donald Trump’s federal tax return.

An hour before her show, and as part of the “breaking news,” the website also teased that it was in possession of the tax return which it planned to post on line at the beginning of Maddow’s program.

AG Jeff Sessions was sure to put all the parties on notice.

I won’t bother to update you on how pink p****y hat wearing Marxists responded to the AG’s tweet.

Long story short, the dog and pony show did not work out as planned.  While Maddow was yammering on about Trump’s tax returns, viewers rushed to to look at the returns and taxes that Trump was alleged to have skirted but the website had crashed.

Timing is everything as the White House trumped Maddow and by issuing a statement in which they provided particulars of the tax return.

Debunking Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the media claims that Trump paid no taxes, according to the 2005 tax return, Trump paid $38 million on an income of $153 million.  The media was aghast.

Washington Examiner

…the White House took proactive action, releasing a statement before Rachel Maddow’s show shared the information.

“You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago,” the statement said.

“Before being elected President, Mr. Trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required[…]

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Van Jones called it a good night for the President.

Twitter’s response was to troll Maddow and fellow Progressives and Commie goon, David Brock offered up $5 million for the President’s “legally obtained” tax returns.  Who is he kidding?  On a personal note, I could not let that go.

Tucker Carlson also had his say.

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