Man who boasted about sucker punching Black Trump supporter at rally, gets his wish.

Last weekend, R.C. Maxwell, a Black Trump supporter, activist of Republican PAC American Voice was sucker punched allegedly by Marxist loon at an America First  rally in Laguna Beach, California.

The loon correction alleged attacker, Richard Losey of Ohio then bragged about his misdeeds on Twitter and dared the police to arrest him. See tweet above.

Time appears to be changing, under a Trump administration, because Losey’s wish was law enforcement’s command.

Breitbart News

…The video was later uploaded to social media and shown to police. Reportedly, Losey then identified himself to authorities by boasting about the attack on Twitter.

“I did what I had to do. He ran and left us alone when his input wasn’t wanted. We all told him to leave, and he didn’t. He had it coming,” he wrote. “I did it because he wouldn’t stop talking about Trump when all of us told him thousands of times we didn’t want to hear it. I am not racist.”

Losey was later arrested while attempting to buy a bus ticket to return to his native Ohio on Tuesday. He was charged with battery and terroristic threats[…]

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Published on Aug 24, 2017 by FOX 11 Los Angeles

Laguna Beach police arrested a man for allegedly sucker punching a Trump supporter during competing rallies at Main Beach on Sunday.

There appears to be a media blackout on the assault and arrest.  See Independent Sentinel’s:  MSM Still Silent After White Man Arrested for Sucker Punching Black Trump Supporter.

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