Massachusetts HS Teachers’ Emails Unveil Alleged Plot to Hide Anti-Trump Teachings

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Newton North High School

Message to those teaching in educational institutions across the United States:

Any educator who places on display his or her lack of integrity and objectivity towards President Donald J. Trump in the classroom is failing at the task set before them which is to educate not indoctrinate.  Anything less deems said individual(s) unworthy of the position and duties with which he or she has been tasked.

That is the case of Newton North High School history teachers in Massachusetts who signed allegedly signed a pact conspiring amongst themselves to share their anti-Trump bias with students after being told to be objective in their teachings.  Even worse, they had the audacity to balk about it, in writing.   [See email exchanges at bottom of post.]

As history teacher, Isongesit Ibokette, allegedly vented in an email,

“I am concerned that the call for ‘objectivity’ may just inadvertently become the most effective destructive weapon against social justice.”

Social justice warriors pretending to be teachers in an environment where anti-Semitism, bullying, branding students Nazis is systemic.  Newton North is allegedly located in located in a community that is for the most part, politically correct. (That pretty much says it all.)

The Federalist by Ilya Feoktistov

The Left is abusing American high school education in its struggle to gain and retain political power. We only found out about this incident by accident. How many more?

Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, a group of public school history teachers in the posh Boston suburb of Newton pledged to reject the “call for objectivity” in the classroom, bully conservative students for their beliefs, and serve as “liberal propagandist[s]” for the cause of social justice.

This informal pact was made in an exchange of emails among history teachers at Newton North High School, part of a very rich but academically mediocre public school district with an annual budget of $200 million, a median home price of almost half a million, and a median household income of more than $120,000. Read the entire email exchange here.

I obtained the emails under a Massachusetts public records law after one of those teachers arranged, earlier this year, for an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organization to show Palestinian propaganda films at Newton North. This stunt earned the Newton Public Schools district a rebuke from the New England branch of the Anti-Defamation League and from Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council. But, as the teachers’ emails reveal, Jew-hatred is not the only specter haunting the history department at Newton North[…]

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H/t Fox News.

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