Media Freaks Out over Trump Early A.M. Tweets Calling Out Obama Wiretapping.

This morning President Donald Trump in a series of tweets which has the heads of Progressives and their propagandists exploding, Alinsky style called out Barack Obama’s wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower, NYC in the fall of 2016.  See below:

#FakeNews propagandists heads explode over the presidents’ tweets but silent on Obama spying on a civilian and sitting President?

NeverTrumpers, Progressives and their media propagandists immediately began to spin the tweets to make it appear as if the President is unhinged.


During Barack Obama’s final days in office, Obama revised the procedures (Executive Order 12333) for handling sensitive bits of raw intelligence.

Obama opened the door to White House leaks, through raw surveillance guidelines of which were signed and signed December 15, 2016 by James Clapper, DNI and approved by former AG, Loretta Lynch….

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