July 19, 2018

Mexico: Finance minister resigns following Trump visit

Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s Finance Minister Resigns in Wake of Trump Visit. Resignation comes a week after Donald Trump’s controversial visit to Mexico

Donald Trump’s recent visit to Mexico, widely seen in the country as a humiliation, claimed a high-profile political victim on Wednesday with the resignation of Finance Minister Luis Videgaray, President Enrique Peña Nieto’s closest adviser.

Mr. Videgaray, who played a key role in helping orchestrate the Trump trip, was succeeded by José Antonio Meade, the country’s social development minister and former finance chief, Mr. Peña Nieto told a news conference.

When I first heard that Peña Nieto’s had invited both Hillary and The Donald, I imagined that Enrique expected two no-shows. Now I can imagine a conversation in the likes of,

Luis: Let’s get Hillary here so you and her can beat up Trump on immigration.

Enrique: Great idea!

where neither Luis nor Enrique took into account that a. Hillary’s not placing herself into any situation she can not control, b. she’s better off running out the clock until election day, and c. no [Clinton Foundation donation] money, no honey.

But enough daydreaming.

Videgaray’s resignation is not good news,

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