Millennials Socialism—Not Capitalism

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Millennials Socialism is prefered by them over Capitalism. This is the most recent finding of Gallup according to Breitbart:

“The Gallup report, which was published on August 13, details American attitudes on socialism and capitalism. The results specifically identified that positive attitude towards socialism amongst millennials. The majority of Americans, aged 18 to 29, now prefer socialism to capitalism.

‘Americans aged 18 to 29 are as positive about socialism (51%) as they are about capitalism (45%). This represents a 12-point decline in young adults’ positive views of capitalism in just the past two years and a marked shift since 2010, when 68% viewed it positively. Meanwhile, young people’s views of socialism have fluctuated somewhat from year to year, but the 51% with a positive view today is the same as in 2010.

“A report from CNBC on the Gallup poll argued that many young Americans are struggling to get by in the current economy. For example, wages haven’t risen to match the rise in the cost-of-living. As a result, many young Americans are blaming the system for their struggles.”

However, the matter becomes clearer when one finds out that two-thirds of Millennials do not even have college degrees. And some who are degreed have majored in specialities such as Lesbian Gay Transgender, Black History Studies, Adulting, Womens’ Issues, and many other majors not particularly sought after by businesses or industry.

And these Millennials are not chosen for industry; why? Is it because such “folks” are also trained in the school indoctrination centers to be litigious—to sue people and agencies for “hurtful” or “offensive” or “uncomfortable” situations? Because they are dangerous?

But wait, there’s more.

Where the average college-degreed Millennial makes some $17,500 more than a mere high school graduate, lots of Millennials aren’t working at all, or are unqualified for higher paying jobs.

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College-degreed Millennials more often have full-time jobs, and they are usually more inclined to think they have embarked on a useful, lifetime career. However, some forty-two percent with only a high school diploma, or no diploma at all, view their situation as being “just a job to get by.”

This is how they think now, because generations of Millennials had their brains stuffed with NEA, liberal spew from kindergarten onward.

In addition, Millenials have been reared within a universe of the tree-hugging Russian, Captain Planet, the one-world-citizen muppets, and an effeminate, guiless, Mr. Rogers. Further, their “entertainers,” movie stars, celebrities, singers, politicians, and athletes all seem to advocate a gender-free, color-blinded, and gentler socialism, over any form of evil capitalism.

It doesn’t matter that socialism or communism have never worked—not anywhere on the planet (Earth). It doesn’t matter that socialism or communisim always turn murderous and totalitarian.

It doesn’t matter, because the forsaken Millennials are not taught these things. They don’t know….

They have been taught all their lives in government indoctrination centers—schools—that socialism is good and capitalism is bad. That history tells lies but whales and polar bears do not. That the USA is a slave-owning, racist, war monger, but all other countries and people, historically—such as Saladin and his holy Muslims—have always been very, very good.

So, what we seem to be left with is a bunch of people who have zero idea what the hell socialism, communism, or even Marxism actually is.

“Trump is a Nazi,” while Mao Tse Tung, “built schools and bridges.” Oh…and Mao and his communist hoardes killed people, but Millennials don’t know that.

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To Millenials socialism anyone to the right of Mao is a “racist.”

This seems to be the most powerful word in the English language: racist; racism. People are terrified to be labled with these words. To be called any of those can mean instant ruin by all-powerful “social media.”

The fear of words—words are defined by leftists and Millennials. The terror of “the ‘N’ Word; “Islamophobia;” the agony of “hate speech.”

Twitter. Facebook. Google, and, Oh—the humanity!

Hate speech is anything the left and their Millennial puppets say it is. It is a poliically correct, internalized device for self-policing and the policing of others—what they say, think, and do. Enforcement. Enforcers.

So—Millennials don’t all find work. They are not ALL college-degreed, and some of them just don’t get jobs.

And some of those with degrees are just waiting to be “offended” by capitalists, so they can sue the pants and diamonds off them.

Now I ask the question: in additon to other cited, job-killing drawbacks—what smart business person would EVER hire such potential troublemakers as socialist Millennials?

No wonder communism looks good to these Millennial socialist chumps. In theory everybody is equal, acts the same, looks the same, gets paid the same. There’s no difference between a male, “straight” weight-lifter and a female lesbian paralyzed in a wheelchair.

Freedom from responsibility. Freedom from thought. Emotions. Drives. Creativity. Imagination. Individuality.

Freedom from freedom.



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