August 14, 2018

Movie Review: “A Dog’s Purpose” — Good, Wholesome Fun

A Dog’s Purpose


The Closet Conservative Critic

A quick re-cap on who I am, the Closet Conservative (Movie) Critic. I’m a graduate of the USC film school, and worked in Television and on Motion Pictures in Los Angeles for 12 years before returning to my roots of Marin County. I was a typical Hollywood/Marin Liberal most of my early life. Gradually, on my way to the age of 40, I began to swing slightly Right.

I was 41 years old on September 11, 2001. Within a few months, I had completely gone to the political Right. Although most in my family, and closest friends know I’ve “come out,” I still walk very quietly and remain in the closet for the better part of my days. In my recurring movie column, it’s my intent to enlighten fellow conservatives to movies that are not only good and bad, but also movies that sneak in little digs and insults to conservatives and conservative values OR, on the flip side, have no shame in presenting good, wholesome conservative traditions and values.

This weeks movie: A Dog’s Purpose

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