Movie Review: “Patriots Day” — It could have been great, but….

Patriots Day

Patriots Day

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The Closet Conservative Critic

Before I delve in my first Movie Review on “The Bookworm” blog, allow me to state my “street cred.” I call myself the Closet Conservative Critic because for a number of years I was a closet conservative, meekly mingling with the Show-Biz Liberal masses in Marin County and Hollywood. I’m a graduate of the USC film school, and worked in Television and on Motion Pictures in Los Angeles for 12 years before returning to my roots of Marin County. I was a typical Hollywood/Marin Liberal most of my early life. Gradually, on my way to the age of 40, I began to slightly swing Right. I was 41 years old on September 11, 2001. Within a few months, I had completely gone to the political Right. Although most in my family, and closest friends know I’ve “come out,” I still walk very quietly and remain in the closet for the better part of my days.

About 10 years ago, as my conversion from Liberal to Conservative was just about complete, I began to grow a ‘radar’ antenna on my head, and was noting a greater deal of conservative bashing in television and movies. I suspect it was always there, but being a new member of the conservative team, my eyes were being opened to the amount of Liberal slant in entertainment.

Now, as I watch movies as a conservative, I’m very attuned to the subtle digs, and not so subtle belittling of conservative values in movies. Call it the Right, Call it the GOP, Call it conservative, Call it traditional, it’s all anything that is NOT Progressive or left of center. I will share my thoughts in the upcoming months, reviewing movies from the perspective of one who has his radar up. I’ll objectively review a movie on its merits, while at the same time, giving fellow conservatives my take on how the movie swings politically.

For this, my first review, let’s look at the recently released Patriots Day.

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