Muslim migrants—aided by Turkish police—attack Greek border police with firebombs

Muslim migrants, aided by Turkish police, attack Greek border police with firebombs, Mar 14, 2020, By Robert Spencer 

This is yet another act of war. How can anyone seriously think that these “refugees,” fresh from throwing Molotov cocktails at Greek police, will pass peacefully into Europe and become loyal citizens of secular states?

In the face of this invasion, however, we have the usual complacency and Leftist idiocy: “Greece has announced that it would not accept any asylum applications for one month. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees criticized their decision.”

“Greece: Migrants attack border police with firebombs, Turkish police help,” by Michael Lord, Voice of Europe, March 12, 2020:

The clashes between migrants and the Greek police, which have been occurring frequently since Turkey began allowing migrants to cross its territory at the end of February, reached a new intensity on Wednesday.

Migrants again attacked Greek officers during the night, but this time used incendiary Molotov cocktails, which set fire to the border fence in the Evros region, according to a report by Remix News.

Local media reports indicate that the migrants’ attacks were being supported by the Turkish security forces, and that in addition to using firebombs, the migrants employed tear gas which they had obtained from the Turks. They used this in an attempt to distract law enforcement while they pulled down the fence. Greek forces responded with tear gas of their own.

The Evros River has become the flashpoint in this latest migrant crisis. On Monday, Bulgaria opened one of its dams to raise the Evros River’s water level in an attempt to make it more difficult for migrants to cross, as reported by Voice of Europe.

Greece has reported that 348 migrants have been arrested since the latest crisis began, and that its police have prevented over 44,000 others from illegally entering the European Union’s Schengen Zone. Several other countries, including Austria and Poland, have sent their own officers to reinforce the Greek border force….

More recently, Erdogan has also demanded visa-free travel for Turkish citizens from the EU in exchange for stopping the migrants.

Greece has announced that it would not accept any asylum applications for one month. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees criticized their decision.

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