[MUST-SEE VIDEO] Hillary’s abortion stance means Catholics cannot vote for her

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When it comes to Progressives, even if they’ve been forced to back down on all other issues, they will take their stand and die on the hill of unlimited, legal abortion. As Nancy Pelosi said of late-term abortions — the ones done on a viable, sentient fetus — the fact that she is a practicing Catholic gives her the right to say that such abortions are “sacred ground.” On the Left, unlimited abortion is a right so inviolable that nothing should derail its legality — including God.

One priest, the Very Rev. John Lankeit, has had the courage to stand up and say what all faithful Catholics know intuitively: abortion is inconsistent with Catholic doctrine and morally wrong. Furthermore, once you accept this doctrinal truth, you have to accept that you cannot vote for the political party and the presidential candidate who will not only preserve abortion but will expand it and make taxpayers fund it.

Father Lankeit does more than just invoke God’s Word. This is important because it means he reaches out to those who are not Catholic, or Christian, or even believers. He tackles the arguments that pro-abortion people routinely raise against those who oppose abortion and shows how hypocritical and shallow their arguments are. These are words that everyone should hear. And once having heard them, people (Catholic or not) need to decide whether they accept that Father Lankeit is speaking the truth. And if they decide he is speaking the truth, they need to ask themselves whether they can still support the Democrat party and the Democrat candidate:

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