Narcissists in Our Midst

Winning council member Wolf Howling asked the following question about Barack Obama after the President initially failed to dis invite the thuggish Iranian theocracy to attend our coveted 4th of July freedom celebrations.

Is he seriously considering throwing the theocracy a life line over the bodies of the dead protesters so that the regime acquiesces on paper to his major demands? Is he really that amoral, narcissistic and detached from reality?

ObamaIranNedaOf course we know the answer. President Obama is all that and more! Wolf continued his discussion of Obama’s failures in dealing with Iran alongside the many reasons that President Obama should be issuing a different response.

According to WaPo, Obama is trying to “calibrate his comments to the mood of the hour” so as to “preserve the possibility of negotiating directly with the Iranian government over its nuclear program, links to terrorism, Afghanistan and other issues.” Indeed, under this rubric, yesterday, while this bloody theocracy was involved in the beating and murder of its citizenry, Obama’s State Dept. took the opportunity took the opportunity to assure the theocracy that they were still invited to attend 4th of July celebrations. That is not merely immoral, its obscene and so contrary to our interests as to be inexplicable.

And Obama is the person explaining to America that our moral compass is broken because the majority of us believe that its okay to waterboard a terrorist if it will save American lives? Obama’s moral compass is the one broken. There could be no clearer demonstration that Obama sees the world through a reality distorting lens then his response to this protest and his continued reaching out to the butchers of Iran’s theocracy.

The reasons to pressure the theocracy and support these protesters are crystal clear, both as a moral and a practical matter. Morally, who can possibly condone or do business with a regime that uses beatings, arrests, and indiscriminate murder to thwart the will of its people. As a practical matter, leading international pressure on Iran can only help the protesters. It matters not a wit to the theocracy, since they are claiming we are the cause of this uprising anyway . It is a transparent pretext that, with the facts established, can fool no one in or outside of Iran.

Alongside Wolf’s fantastic article we found that Christopher Badeaux’s smack down of Andre Sullivan was the week’s best non-Council expose of Weasel worthy activity.

Perhaps the single, common life goal of every intellectual, pseudo-intellectual, and intellectual aspirant, is to be a true Renaissance man — a genius whose force of will and flexible, dominating intellect allows him to master or nearly master not one or two, but a whole host of related and unrelated fields of study and practice.

Sadly, not everyone can be Leonardo da Vinci or Karol Wojtyla. Or Andrew Sullivan.

That simple sarcastic statement proved to be the launching pad to point out the many instances that Sullivan got his facts wrong on which Sullivan further exacerbated his analytical shortcomings with opinion pieces that were farcical at best, misleading and dangerous at worst. Whether the topic was the supposition that Sarah Palin’s baby Trig was actually her daughter’s child, characterizing religious circumcisions as “male genital mutilation” , his various problems with Catholicism, his gushing thoughts on President Obama’s convention speech or Sullivans anti-Semitic ramblings, Badeaux tears Sullivan apart by simply adding a little context to Sullivan’s words.

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