National Park Service is Spending $287,308 on ‘Climate Change Communication’ Interns? Why?

Why is the National Park Service under President Donald J. Trump spending $300,000 on a summer intern program to train college students in the arts of climate change propaganda and its so-called effects on parks?

In partnership with George Mason University, the National Park Service Climate Communication Internship Program began in 2012 under Barack Obama but with a new administration in the White House that is not aligned with the Progressive agenda, this summer internship program should have been dismantled this past winter if not for the Obama holdovers working against the interest of the now sitting President.

Screenshot below:

As stated on its website:

Initiated in 2012 by the National Park Service National Capitol Region Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA) and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication (4C), the internship program is designed to create opportunities for students of diverse academic and personal backgrounds to gain skills and experience in the synthesis, interpretation, and development of science communication products while increasing knowledge about climate change and its effects on parks. National Park Service mentors and park staff frame the final products.

Applying for the Internship

The application period for the paid 4C/NPS Climate Change Communication Internship Program for Summer 2017 is now open.

We accept applications from upper-level undergraduate and graduate students from all U.S.-accredited institutions.

We are looking for individuals with diverse backgrounds to form a natural science, social science, and multimedia interdisciplinary team.

Click here to read the general internship announcement, and on these links for the internships specializing in graphic design and videography.

As reported by Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon

Past internships have taught environmental studies majors how to “effectively communicate” efforts to mitigate climate change and how to “inspire others to make changes in their own lives.”

Students created a video for Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, Md., that “describes why recycling and composting are climate friendly actions.”

This year’s interns are making a short film about sea level rise in Belle Haven, Va.

George Mason University says it started the program because of “five important facts,” including “climate change is real” and is “caused by human actions.” The university also claims “more than 97 percent of the experts agree” on climate change and that climate change is “harming us.”

Finally, the university says, “We can solve this problem, if we work at it…”

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Below is the announcement that was posted with a January 27, 2017 deadline by the National Park Service followed by the announcement posted by the grants notice also posted by NPS.

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If George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication is so sure that they can solve a problem that is non-existent, then they should peddle their climate change scam without taxpayers footing the bill.

As for the National Parks Service, (i) an audit is in order and (ii) all the more reason to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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