August 14, 2018

National Review cruise — let’s talk about the individual in the West

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On behalf of Bookworm, I’m reposting her account of an NRO Cruise she’s embarked on . Enjoy!


November 19, 2016

My post title actually has little to do with the topics raised during the 6.5 hours (!) of discussion panels NR offered yesterday (which was an at sea day). Having gotten to know fairly well the panelists’ different personalities, however, I was struck by the West’s tight focus on individual personalities. Keep that concept in mind, because I’ll get back to it after a very quick rundown of yesterday’s afternoon events and the personalities I’ve come to know on the cruise.

First, the afternoon’s seminars:

The War on Cops. John Miller moderated a discussion with David French and Sheriff David Clarke. The bottom line was simple: Yes, there is a war on cops, one so severe that in many inner city neighborhoods, police have ended proactive policing, leaving the neighborhood to the hoodlums. Oh, and BLM is a con.

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