We Need Enough Global Warming to Melt these Damn Whiny Liberal Snowflakes

Photo by Micah Sittig
crybaby photo
Photo by Micah Sittig

A mock beheading of our President, Donald J. Trump.

Sexually crude and explicit Late Night TV “jokes” about Russian President Putin’s penis and Trump.

Diminutive Jeopardy winner (who writes children’s books) attacks and bullies 11 year old Barron Trump.

Students attacking professors because the professor failed to leave campus to protest white people.

And on and on it goes.

CNN is in full meltdown mode because Trump pulled us out of the Paris “Climate” Accords that rape and pillage America’s treasure and resources, shuts down our productivity and puts us at a competitive disadvantage. And all the while allows other countries to pollute at will. After the accords had devastated America for 13 years, forcing us to turn away from oil, coal and natural gas to cut pollution, China would be allowed to spew what America saves every 14 days. Every sacrifice America makes would be wiped out by China 26 times every year.

Just how stupid is Obama? Pretty stupid when you look at the details of this “accord” that is essentially nothing more than a Presidential Executive Order left over from Obama. But then we all know Obama was of a mind that America is a horrible racist nation that deserved to be throttled back to the clout of a third world country. And this “treaty” did just that.

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