A New Feminism For The 21st Century

Tammy Bruce is one of my favorite political writers, and a person of rare common sense. Here she triumphs once again in an excellent video for Prager University, in which she outlines where feminism has triumphed, and where it has failed to the point of actually degrading what feminism once stood for. Considering the considerable role she had in the feminist movement, she is uniquely qualified to speak on the subject. And even better, she outlines exactly where feminism has to go to retain its values and discard its excesses to become a new, powerful feminism for the 21st century.

What is happening in academia right now is that women are being taught to regard men as competitors and even enemies rather than allies and partners and to ridicule women who aspire to a more traditional role. As I’ve pointed out before, we’re already seeing the results of this…a lot of single, miserable and lonely women in their late thirties who now realize that they were merely pawns in a game the Left made the rules to without telling them.

One thing that struck me during the Obama regime was that single woman ‘Julia’ became their emblem for cradle to grave big government. Read George Orwell’s 1984. Julia was the name of the doomed heroine who was a leader of the Anti Sex League, who was destroyed by Big Brother because she craved the life of a normal women with Winston Smith. I don’t think that was any coincidence. Nor is it any coincidence in my view that in countries that embrace that sort of cradle to grave big government, the birth rate plummets. Just look at the EU.

Tammy Bruce does a great job here of showing us shows us how this works, and how to change it. You go girl!

Rob Miller








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