No. 22 Bookworm Podcast: Trump’s Syria decision represents the Trump doctrine

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Regarding Syria, Trump is fulfilling a prediction I made two years ago about the Trump Doctrine, a repudiation of Wilsonian and Obama foreign policies.

Bookworm Podcast

Today’s podcast looks at President Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria. While many people are upset at the president for doing so, especially because they feel he is abandoning the Kurds, I see him fulfilling a prediction I made more than two years ago.

Back then, I compared Trump’s unstated foreign policy agenda to the Wilson Doctrine, which held America responsible for making the world safe for democracy, and the Obama Doctrine, which held Obama responsible for making the world safe from America. I concluded that Trump believes that his primary responsibility is to keep America safe, with a secondary responsibility to help our allies . . . but only up to a point. America’s interests must always come first.

I’ve embedded the podcast below. Alternatively, you can listen to it at LibSyn or through Apple Podcasts. If you prefer reading to listening, please go here.

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