It’s not just campus crazies: Progressives’ pervasive immaturity

Immaturity Progressives Trigglypuff

One of the cultural concerns that may have undone Hillary Clinton is the way in which America’s college campuses foster immaturity in the young adults consigned to their care. Parents used to send their children to college as a step on the road to responsible adulthood. Nowadays, thanks to safe spaces, trigger warnings, and microaggressions, it seems as if little distinguishes college students from toddlers in preschool. A recent video about special snowflakes nicely sums up what’s happening to our young people:

College snowflakes are easy to notice (and to ridicule), but the reality is that the entire statist wing of American politics is locked into immature behaviors, ranging from the terrible twos to the equally terrible teens. There was, therefore, an element of truth to Michelle Obama’s icky little boast to Oprah (queen of emotional navel-gazing) that Barack is the grown-up in the White House, modeling mature behavior, and the rest of us in America are the kids looking up to him for help and guidance. Actually, someone made a pithy poster of Michelle’s core messages:


To the Progressives, Barack may indeed be the “grown-up,” but he’s only the “grown-up” in the way the bossiest child in a group of five-year-olds is the “Mommy” or “Daddy” when the kids decide to play house.

I’ve compiled a list of Progressive behaviors and thought patterns that are indistinguishable from infant, toddler, child, and teen behavior and thought patterns. See what you think and then tell me where I’m wrong or add more if you notice I’ve forgotten something.

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