"Democrat violence" -
"Democrat violence" -
Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
By Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51


YES, IT COULD easily start that way.


Terrified people with guns who maybe are not actually trained in restraint, liability, and so-on.

It could open with panicked gunfire, followed by return panicked gunfire.



And then—later, or right there—it could escalate. Spill. And there could be a lot of firing and a lot of dead rioters.


"Lefties with guns don't like being filmed, apparently. Stephen Lemons" -
“Lefties with guns don’t like being filmed, apparently. Stephen Lemons” –


AND THEN THE POLICE SHOW UP, and what follows, could be the resultant of their actions, or by what “side” they may appear to take.

In those cases, I don’t think police believe they are paid to be shot at by either “side.” And the smarter cops likely will not be putting in return engagements.

Even the Army, or National Guard—if called—could soon start hearing how their own husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and others are maybe being shot and killed— by OTHER police or National Guard. And that could be the end of that.


It could start that way, yes.

THEY CAN PRAY no leader rises to wear the cape.

Certainly, Trump fails there. All he seems to do is Tweet what he’s for or against.

And right now—that’s just another load of bullshit.

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Article by Joshua Caplan appeared first in

St. Louis Lawyer: Protesters Smashed Gate, Threatened to Kill Us and Our Dog, Burn Down Our House

Armed homeowners standing in front their house along Portland Place confront protesters marching to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's house Sunday, June 28, 2020, in the Central West End of St. Louis. The protesters called for Krewson's resignation for releasing the names and addresses of residents who suggested defunding the …
Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP

During a Monday interview with 5 On Your Side, Mark McCloskey, a St. Louis attorney who confronted an angry mob with an AR-15 alongside his wife on his property, said the protesters threatened to kill him and burn down his home.

A transcript is as follows: 

ANNE ALLRED: Tell me what happened last night.

MARK MCCLOSKEY: We came back to the house. I don’t know what time it is, I’ve been up ever since. I’m a little, I’m a little blurry, but we were preparing dinner. We went out to the east patio, open porch that faces Kingshighway on one side and Portland Place Drive on the south, and we’re sitting down for dinner. We heard all this stuff going on down on Maryland Plaza. And then the mob started to move up Kingshighway, but it got parallel with the Kingshighway gate on Portland Place.

Somebody forced the gate, and I stood up and announced that this is private property. Go back. I can’t remember in detail anymore. I went inside, I got a rifle. And when they … because as soon as I said this is private property, those words enraged the crowd. Horde, absolute horde came through the now smashed down gates coming right at the house. My house, my east patio was 40 feet from Portland Place Drive. And these people were right up in my face, scared to death. And then, I stood out there. The only thing we said is “this is private property. Go back. Private property. Leave now.”

At that point, everybody got enraged. There were people wearing body armor. One person pulled out some loaded pistol magazine and clicked them together and said that you were next. We were threatened with our lives, threatened with a house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. It was, it was about as bad as it can get. I mean, those you know, I really thought it was Storming the Bastille that we would be dead and the house would be burned and there was nothing we could do about it. It was a huge and frightening crowd. And they were they broken the gate were coming at us.


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