July 16, 2018

NYC’s Puerto Rican Day parade to honor convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera

Oscar López Rivera, FALN terrorist convicted of waging war against the United States, will be honored as “National Freedom Hero” at this year’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 11.

The guy is an unrepentant terrorist who used his own apartment as a bomb-making factory. López Rivera was reportedly involved directly or otherwise in at least 146 bombings.

Joseph Connor, son of one of the nine people López Rivera killed, writes in the NY Post (emphasis added),

The words “disgrace” and “outrage” do not come close to describing the insanity, insult and pain that honoring this terrorist thug brings to our family, the families of all FALN victims and all Americans. The idea is truly sickening.
. . .
In the early ’80s, 11 FALN members were arrested, tried and convicted of (among other serious felonies) weapons possession and seditious conspiracy. Lopez was convicted in 1981 and sentenced for crimes including seditious conspiracy, interference with interstate commerce by threats or violence, carrying firearms during the commission of those two crimes and interstate transportation of stolen vehicles.

There was testimony by a cooperating FALN insider that Lopez was personally involved in bombing and incendiary attacks, trained members in bomb-making techniques and had been a prime recruiter for the FALN.

In 1987, he was sentenced to an additional 15 years for participating in a conspiracy to escape.

Yet [NY City Council Speaker Melissa] Viverito and her ilk call Lopez a “National Freedom Hero.” They are deranged.

Some claim he is a “freedom fighter” for Puerto Rican independence against US colonialism of the island. But aside from being a terrorist, what has he done to support “freedom” in Puerto Rico?

The FALN’s first attack, in December 1974, targeted the NYPD, severely maiming Angel Poggi, a young NYPD officer of Puerto Rican descent on his first day on the job. Is this the act of a hero of the Puerto Rican people? Lopez has never represented Puerto Ricans.

López Rivera will never represent me.

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Barack Obama commuted López Rivera’s sentence unconditionally. Under Obama’s commutation order, Lopez Rivera’s prison sentence expires on May 17, less than a month from the Puerto Rican Day parade.

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