Obama “el narcisista” Refers to Himself 171 Times at Townhall in Laos; Trashes USA 18.

“Me, myself and I” according to the world of one malignant narcissist, Barack Hussein Obama.

As usual, when Barack Obama takes charge of the bully pulpit, it’s all about Barack as was the case when the malignant narcissist had the floor last week at a town hall in Laos wherein Obama referenced his greatness himself 171 times.


“…While speaking Wednesday afternoon to students in Laos, Obama blew away his past records for self-references. During a 72 minute townhall, Obama somehow managed to reference himself an astonishing 171 times.

Obama mentioned — repeatedly — how he’s the first president to visit Laos. He spoke at length about his affinity for Asia, and about his upbringing in Indonesia. He spoke of his wife’s work in nutrition, and his children going away for school. He spoke about his plans to vacation in Laos after leaving office. And so much more … about Obama….”

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In addition to implying that Americans are lazy, self-centered isolationists and because so many are adamantly opposed to Obama’s Marxist policies, the apologist for all things American could not pass on the opportunity to trash the United States and its people 18 times while distancing himself from his role in the fundamental transformation of  where Americans are today.

“If you’re in the United States, sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.  That’s part of what I’m trying to change

Translation:  “And to make matters worse, those evil, self-indulgent Americans are isolationists, too.”

…The United States dropped more bombs on Laos than Germany and Japan during the WWII … The United States dropped more than two million tons of bombs here in Laos … You can see some of these displays showing everything that landed on relatively simple homes like this …

As one Laotian said, the ‘bombs fell like rain.’Villages and entire valleys were obliterated. The ancient Plain of Jars was devastated. Countless civilians were killed …By some estimates more bombs per capita were dropped on Laos than any other country in the world.”


It’s past time that Obama fund his own apology and “I hate America just like you do” tours.

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