As Obama Plots Israel’s Demise, Netanyahu Seeks Alliance w/Trump, Congress

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After Barack Obama collaborated last week with fellow anti-Semites in the United Nations on the 14-0 vote of anti-Israeli Resolution 2334, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister does not intend to wait for the next shoe to drop.

Expecting more acts of trickery from the Muslim-in-chief and his pit of rattlesnakes at the UN before Obama leaves office in 20 days, the Israeli prime minister is seeking help from the incoming administration and the 115th Congress to thwart future attacks by Obama to further pro-Islamic mandates through the UN Security Council that while harmful to Israel would fortify a Palestinian state.

According to the Times of Israel:

His aim is for the Trump team to make plain that his administration will “economically hurt” those countries that voted against Israel in the UN and that do so in the future.

Netanyahu’s fear is that Secretary of State John Kerry will set out principles or parameters for a Palestinian state in a speech that he has said he will deliver in the next few days on his Middle East vision. The prime minister fears that, in its final days, the Obama administration will seek to have a resolution enshrining those parameters adopted by the UN Security Council, the report said….

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Speaking of the lame duck, Secretary of State, John Kerry has moved up the date of expected his intended speech on a Palestinian State to Wednesday morning no doubt a move intended to thwart efforts by the incoming Trump administration to act on Israel’s behalf while at the same time pushing back against Netanyahu.

Per Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and as is being reported by the Obama-sanctioned propaganda machine, Kerry “will deliver a speech Wednesday on the Obama administration’s vision for Middle East peace.”

Since Progressives ALWAYS intend to act on the opposite of whatever comes out of their mouths [and as] proven by eight years of Obama’s lies, “vision for Middle East peace” is double speak for war against the state of Israel.

In defiance of Obama’s betrayal and the resolution banning Israel from building settlements in lands claimed by the Palestinians, Israel undaunted has no plans to stop building settlements in East Jerusalem.

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