As Obamacare battles its way through Congress, I have a few thoughts

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When it comes to Obamacare, I’m all for Occam’s Razor, which argues that the simplest approach — repeal — is the best, subject to limited grandfathering.

Before I introduce you to a few ideas I have about Obamacare, I have a true story for you. A pro-Obamacare friend of mine got a coupon in the mail for a new meal delivery service. As she is a working mom, the combination of a product that sounded good, along with a 50% discount on her first order, was enough to get her to try the service, which promised enough food to feed her family for three days.

One order was enough to convince my friend that the service was not for her. The food was not as well-prepared as the service promised and her family hated it. My friend did not place a second order. To her dismay, though, a second order appeared on her doorstep.

Being a humble sort, my friend assumed that the mistake was hers — that, rather than refraining from ordering, she needed to cancel affirmatively — so she cancelled affirmatively. Three days later, another order appeared, along with a bill for two rounds of food service at full price. My friend was livid. She didn’t want to buy the food, but it was still showing up on her doorstep, and the company was still demanding payment.

I summed up the situation for her: “Yeah, I really hate it when I’m forced to buy a product I neither need nor want.” She agreed vehemently, totally missing the perfect analogy to Obamacare. I, being a nice person, forbore to make the connection. Instead, I just had a good laugh at my own little joke.

Obamacare is profoundly anti-American. As a friend said, can you imagine if Britain, rather than merely taxing tea, forced Americans to buy it? The revolution would have come around a lot sooner. My friend has also painted a good “freedom” yard stick which is that, if it was a government action that would have offended the Founders, than we shouldn’t be doing it.

As for me, I am somewhat confused about the House proposal to start doing away with Obamacare. I understand that the way in which the Democrats passed Obamacare — through reconciliation, instead of a normal vote — makes undoing it a less than straightforward process. Essentially, as best as I can tell, fully undoing it means reversing the process. That’s a problem. But I have other problems too. . . .

I don’t trust either Ryan or Trump on this. Ryan’s role as House Speaker seems to have morphed him from a principled economic conservative into a garden-variety politician. I never trust a politician. I don’t trust Donald either because, while he understands that Obamacare doesn’t work, he gave every indication during the campaign that he still thinks government is the solution, only this time he, not Obama, will be the government.

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