Obama’s CIA Head Lies, Endorses Clinton, Shows How Trump Will Be Attacked At Debates

Mike Morrell, President Obama’s handpicked choice to head the CIA in 2011 and again from 2012-2013 is a lifelong Democrat in spite of his claim to be ‘non-partisan’. Today, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and called her “highly qualified.” He claims during the four years he worked with her, he found her -don’t laugh-  to be “prepared, detail-oriented, thoughtful, inquisitive and willing to change her mind if presented with a compelling argument.”

Donald Trump? “Dangerous to America’s national security, unprepared and an unwitting Russian Agent.”

Morrell put this out in an editorial in Pravda-on-the -Hudson, and then hit the Sunday shows, most notably with Martha Raddatz on the Clinton News Network (CNN).

This is actually a very telling endorsement. Here we have the man who was Obama’s pick as head of the CIA who backs Mrs. Clinton’s claim that Benghazi was ‘about the video’ and  oversaw the intel in Obama and Hillary’s illegal Libya war which helped destabilize the entire Middle East and led to deaths in Libya, Syria, Algeria, Mali and Nigeria (yes, Boko Haram got a lot of Khaddaffi’s arms too). This is the man who was in command of the agency that trained the Syrian Free Army members who later became ISIS, like these guys and many more just like them. While the article talks about this being a State Department program, the agency that did the hands on work was the CIA, in connivance with Qatar, Turkey and the Saudis as PBS revealed. And it that isn’t enough to call Morrell’s judgment into question, he’s also willing to disregard Mrs. Clinton’s trafficking of confidential material for ca$h.

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