Obama’s Creepy Agenda While Sharia Creeps

This week’s results are in and the council spoke in a big way.

The Non-Council submission by Mere Rhetoric was an editorial by Charles Krauthammer detailing his reading of the Obama agenda. In my estimation the read by Krauthammer is spot on.

Obama is a leveler. He has come to narrow the divide between rich and poor. For him the ultimate social value is fairness. Imposing it upon the American social order is his mission.

As with any leftist scheme, Obama’s “leveling” does not come without pain for those being leveled. As the United States unemployment figures encroach upon 10% the Democrats insidiously chug along with their agenda by transitioning former self reliant workers into needy welfare cases. In this respect I take Krauthammer one step further. It is much more than leveling the playing field; I see it as an attempt to flatten the field by creating a new generation of Americans that can’t function without the government safety net. This is a two way street, one that buys the allegiance of a future voter with the promise of government provided diapers of sort and the realization of a new more mundane, homogeneous America with less innovation, lower wages, less swagger and less of everything that makes this country great.

The elements are highly progressive taxation, federalized health care and higher education, and revenue-producing energy controls. But first he must deal with the sideshows. They could sink the economy and poison his public support before he gets to enact his real agenda.

You bet.

On the Council side we have an article by Bookworm, inquisitively wondering if Sharia law could creep into the United States as it has in Great Britain through political correctness; a side affect of short sighted liberalism.

What I want to talk about is whether this could ever happen here. Certainly Muslims want it to happen here. Their oft stated goal is a Sharia-compliant world, with every nation having as its one and only law Sharia law. Given this goal, and given the Islamists’ willingness to steal planes and acquire bombs and lust after anthrax, it’s more than just a hypothetical possibility.

But I don’t think we need to worry right now about Sharia appearing in the West courtesy of a mushroom shaped cloud or virulent bacteria. The more immediate concern is the fact that, through political correctness, the Western world is already readying itself to deal with creeping sharia law.

As a testament to what Bookworm is writing about comes this story: Islam ‘insulted’ by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband.

The story is about an Orland Park Illinois woman that is charged with killing her 2 year niece in a four day beating stint, and the husband does not appear worried about the dead and beaten child, instead he is worried about ….. Islam.

Nour Hadid is accused of beating her 2-year-old niece Bhia Hadid to death over four days at her home on the 9000 block of West 140th Street. The child had 55 separate bruises and was beaten “from head to toe,” according to prosecutors, who say Hadid confessed.

But Alaeddin Hadid – who insists his wife is innocent – said Orland Park police are “really going to be in big trouble” for releasing the woman’s booking photo to the news media after she was charged with first-degree murder.

The Hadids are Muslims and Nour “never leaves the home without covering up,” said Alaeddin, who’s vowed to sue.

Oh, and by the way, the husband is also a potential suspect in the beating. Ya think?

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