Obama’s Middle East Policies and the Failures of the Academic Third Reich

Today’s winners all focused on issues related to the axis between the problems in the Middle East and that of the American left. Sadly these people are carrying the flame of Anti-Semitic sentiment just as the American left did in the 1930’s and throughout the 20th century; a problem that is particularly prevalent in faculties of Universities and High Schools all over America.

Non-Council winner Carlin Romano wrote an article titled “The Shame of Academe and Fascism, Then and Now, College presidents didn’t rally against the Nazis, but maybe they’ll do better with Iran“. As you can imagine this article does not fare well for the self proclaimed academic heavy weights, (so called smart people), that continue to poison the minds of young people in an effort to skew the historical record in favor of anti-American despots, fascist dictators and anti-Semitic Islamists.

How should America’s university presidents respond to the savagery in Iran today?

The incarcerated student protesters forced to lick toilet bowls. The imprisoned dissidents beaten to death in holding pens, some with their fingernails torn out. The many murdered protesters, including Neda Agha-Soltan, the now-iconic young philosophy student shot in cold blood. The banning of foreign and domestic journalists from honest coverage or even access to news events. The arrest of professors and shuttering of academic institutions.

Here are a few hints from another era.

Night of the Long Knives. Kristallnacht. Auschwitz. Nuremberg.

Winning Council member Joshua Pundit also wrote about the Middle East. His winning entry chose to focus on how the shameful actions of the historically challenged Barack Obama has weakened the alliance between the United States and Israel (intentionally in most cases and out of sheer ignorance in others).

obama2f_masoodThe first mistake Obama made was to assume that the Israelis were basically just like the Leftist American Jews in his immediate circle, and that even if they weren’t, they were susceptible to being pressured to knuckle under. Accordingly, he had the Pentagon change the rules on military aid to restrict how the IDF could use it, made blatantly anti-Israel appointments to his cabinet and his advisers, and explicitly violated the Road Map by endorsing the Saudi ‘peace’ ultimatum and reneging on the Bush Administration’s agreement with Israeli PM Ariel Sharon on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria(AKA the West Bank) that were supposed to remain part of Israel in any settlement. He then decided to turn up the heat by insisting that Jews were not entitled to build anything in the so-called settlements, including Jerusalem.

All this had several effects he hadn’t counted on. Obama, a self-described ‘student of history’ apparently didn’t realize that the vast majority of Israelis had taken a lesson from Lebanon, Oslo and Gaza that appeasing the Arabs and giving up strategic concessions involved a dangerous price in blood to pay. He also apparently forgot that most Israelis remember what it was like when the Arabs controlled East Jerusalem as a Jew-free zone, and that attempting to turn the clock back to a division of the city was a red line that even many of the most dovish Israelis were unwilling to embrace. Essentially, Obama united the Israeli electorate behind the current center-right government in a way he never intended.Only 6% of Israelis polled approve of Obama’s policies and regard him as ‘pro-Israel’, putting him only slightly ahead of disgraced and indicted Israeli ex-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in popularity.

Obama’s toadying to the Arabs and his blatant disregard for the previous agreements between Israel and the US had another consequence.The Israeli government across the board now regards Obama with distrust and feels that his word or any guarantees he makes are essentially worthless. And the lesson wasn’t just noted by the Israelis. People have long memories in this part of the world, and reputations persist.

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