Oh…One Last Thing I Have Remaining To Say: “Trump is NOT ‘PRESIDENTIAL.'”


Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51

So, kids, the President is not “Presidential?”

What IS “Presidential?”

That term would be a useless, fictitious, Hollywood-scripted, bullshit way to behave. A made-up NON-reality. Make-believe. A unicorn fart invented by some probable democrat writer.


You know: a fake “reality.” A “Manipulation?”

Like in that movie?

THE MATRIX – https://hdwallpaperim.com

YOU may have a preconceived idea what “Presidential” looks like. If you do, it’s because the image was placed in your brain the same way I added the above photo: by using Media to attract you in.

The human mind is susceptible to media.

They figured that one out selling War Bonds, in 1917, on the radio. Then it was proven after WWII, on the teevee machine, when they—the makers of “commercials,” and such—realized women now controlled the purse strings. Daddy became a stupid bumbler, and mommy became an all-wise technician.

Because She had the money. She spent the money. She could make or break a TV show. And, concomitantly, its writers, principals, and staff.

I lived through those eras of Radio, TV, and Movies. I remember. I can tell you, that’s how it was. A Manipulation.

It’s why they need to kill off the old folks. Because we remember. We know the truth.

Kids, I don’t give a fuck, HOW Trump “looks,” what he says or how he behaves.

Whether he’s Presidential (like fucking “No Drama” Obama), or whatever.

I only care what Trump actually DOES.

Not what he says.

After all—who among us—you and I—is “Presidential?”

I ask you.



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