On guns, I trust wise men over totalitarians like Hillary Clinton

It is my belief that Hillary Clinton, if, God forbid, is elected, will go after our second amendment rights like no other president ever has. No I do not think she will ever be foolish enough to go after banning and confiscation. But she will seek to roll back laws that protect gun makers and dealers from parasitical trial lawyers, and junk lawsuits. She will seek as many executive orders that restrict “assault weapons”, and “high-capacity magazines”, as she can. If given, again God forbid, a majority in Congress, Hillary would, I believe use legislation to restrict as much as possible, the following rights.

Stand your ground laws, especially the parts of those laws that shield those who use firearms in self-defense from the trial lawyers

Concealed and open carry laws

The right to pass guns down to sons, daughters, grand children etc.

She would also push for absurd gun storage laws, that make defensive gun use impractical, and possibly lead to situations where someone who shoots an intruder can be prosecuted if their gun was not “properly stored”

She would also, I believe push hard for gun registries, push for exorbitant taxes on guns, ammunition, and use “mental health” as a avenue  to seize guns from as many Americans as possible, especially former military.

She would also advocate for mandatory “liability gun insurance” with the aim being again, driving up the cost of gun ownership

In short, Hillary will use every possible approach to make gun ownership as inconvenient, expensive, and fraught with dangers of junk lawsuits, and bogus prosecutions as possible. If you do not believe that, then you are a fool, and do not understand the totalitarian nature of the Left.

As with every issue facing America, the solution comes down to our Constitution, and the wisdom of our Founders. So what did our Founders say about guns?

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I think wisdom dictates that we hang with the founders on this question