July 19, 2018

On taking a stand — when it’s a good thing to the Left and when it’s a bad thing

Cliven Bundy and his cohorts took a stand against the federal government for its land grabbing behavior in Nevada.  (The federal government controls 81% of Nevada land.) Bundy was and is extremely hostile to the Bureau of Land Management, which he sees as antithetical to state and individual rights under the Constitution. A lot of Americans resonated to the tone he struck in his battle against the government. The Leftist hive, however, was appalled. Mother Jones compared him to Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer. Harry Reid, who has apparently never come across an actual Islamic terrorist was quick to label Bundy a “domestic terrorist.” Slate castigated him as reckless, lawless, and racist.

Apropos the racism charge, Bundy looks at today’s African-Americans on the Democrat welfare plantation and says that, while they may not work much, the social ills of welfare — the crime, the abortion, the relentless poverty — mean that they’re not necessarily better off than they were when they were actual slaves on physical Democrat-owned plantations. Bundy’s phrasing is infelicitous, but I’ve said much the same; that is, not that slavery was better, but that the Democrats are still destroying black lives in America.

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