“Only 77 tests were done for the entire country in the past week.”


Vanity: CDC is All About Diversity

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Posted on 3/13/2020, 2:58:16 AM by TigerClaws



Apparently our CDC — the agency in charge of handling pandemics — is a government do-nothing jobs program. 

Only 77 tests were done for the entire country in the past week. (Sources below.) 

Meanwhile, 36% of the hires in 2015 were African-American and African-Americans comprise 30% of the CDC workforce (compared to comprising 12% of our national population). 

Another entrenched governmental bureaucracy but this one is in charge of handling our nation’s pandemics. 

What could go wrong? 


CDC Employee Demographics

CDC Has Only Tested 77 People in Past Week for COVID-19

United States National Demographics

Trump’s largest support among those 65 and older: 

Demographics of Trump Voters

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