Palin Sweeps Watchers Council Voting!

The Watchers Council has taken a page from public sentiment, beat back the mainstream media’s Palin Derangement Syndrome, and voted Sarah Palin topics as winning submissions in both council and non-council categories.

This week’s contest winners are as follows:


1. Wolf Howling – Palin in Comparison – Winning submission with 2 2/3 votes!

2. Joshua PunditThe End Game In Iraq – 2nd place with 1 1/3 votes.

3. The Colossus of RhodeyThe inanity begins with Bristol Palin – 3rd place winner with 1 vote.

4. (T*) Soccer DadTwo Years – 4rd place tie with 2/3 votes.

4. (T*) Bookworm RoomExamining the Unborn – 4rd place tie with 2/3 votes!


1. The AnchoressObama, McCain, Palin & generosity – Winning submission with 1 2/3 votes!

2. (T*) Meryl Yourish.comWomen and Sarah Palin – 2nd Place tie with 1 vote.

2. (T*) Outside the BeltwayObama’s Acceptance Speech: The More Things CHANGE, The More They Remain the Same – 2nd Place tie with 1 vote.

2. (T*) Elder of Ziyon – “Rachel Corrie” – the video – 2nd Place tie with 1 vote.

3. (T*) Alien: Audacity of Deception and Hypocrisy Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama – 3rd Place tie with 2/3 vote.

3. (T*) Big Lizards – The Verdict Is In: McCain Chooses “Transformative” Over “Kicking the Can” – 3rd Place tie with 2/3 vote.

* – T denotes a tie