Both Parties are Guilty of Manufactured Outrage against Trump

Progressives have spent the past eight years shoving the five pillars of Islam, white privilege, micro-aggressions, transgender bathrooms, slamming away at the Second Amendment, trigger warnings, the race card, war on law enforcement and unthinkable perversions in the face of Americans, especially our young but have the audacity to feign faux outrage over an eleven year old tape of a private conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush labeling the conversation a “hot mic moment,”  a convenient term to justify their right to making a private conversation public to take Donald Trump out of the game.


Then you have Hillary “oh dear me, I can’t believe my virgin ears” Clinton who takes money from nations that hang and throw gays from rooftops, stone and burn women to death and whose husband is a sexual predator along with foul-mouthed feminists accusing Trump of being sexist.

Equally culpable in the plot to destroy Donald Trump is the Republican Party leadership who for the sixth time (or so it seems) this presidential season lined up this weekend to rescind their endorsement of Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party nominee because of a private conversation that occurred over a decade ago and as if they establishment boys’ club never engaged in “guy talk” in the men’s shower, locker room, bar, golf course, wherever[…]

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