Peter Thiel Says Google is a Traitor Operation Working for China. Pres. Trump should disestablish Google Freep | 07-14-2020 | CharlesOconnell


Peter Thiel Says Google is a Traitor Operation Working for China. Pres. Trump should disestablish Google
Freep | 07-14-2020 | CharlesOconnell

Posted on 7/14/2020, 7:29:06 AM by CharlesOConnell

It’s Bastille Day. Peter Thiel (PayPal, Facebook, Palantir, Airbnb, Lyft, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX), notes that Google, which builds what is called “dopaminergic” (pleasure-rewarding) addiction into its user experience, has thrown in its Artificial Intelligence cognitive-weaponry development, with Red China, against Red-White-&-Blue USA. Google is a traitor.

Google has merely rendered the high development of mass opinion engineering into computer algorithms that operate seamlessly behind the scenes. For the past century, cognitive psychologists have figured out how to control extremely massive numbers of people using sophisticated mass psychology manipulation techniques. Edward Bernays was like George Soros (touring the death camps as a child with his SS mentor), in that while ostensibly a Jew, Bernays was the PR representative of the Third Reich in the USA before Pearl Harbor. (He got millions of women to smoke, in an ad blitz that ran from “Torches of Freedom” in 1929 to “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” into the 1990s. Now Google runs it from Artificial Intelligence algorithms.)

Super-elite billionaires like Soros, and trillionaire corporations which control 45% of the world economy, love socialism because it is the most efficient way of softening up the populace so they can easily be controlled. The Open Society Foundation has dozens of countries in its political destabilization pot, the meal to be portioned out to the world’s Super Alphas, The Masters of the Universe.

The brainwashing Bernays perfected in the 1920s, has been weaponized by Google in the 2000s. Either we throw them over, or we’re doomed.

“Elites hoard knowledge about thought reform techniques to advance their own agendas“, asserts a student of the topic. We will water the tree of liberty with blood, or the tree of tyranny will be watered with ours.

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