Picture of the Day – Obama’s Astroturf Brigade VS. Patriotic Protesters

Organized protesters in favor of ObamaCare are being dropped into areas where grass roots protesters are showing up to voice their opinion. The real astroturfers are easy to spot by their nicely manufactured signs. (as demonstrated here at a Pelosi event).

In the following picture you will note the Obama blue sign being held by the guy with the bullhorn. The event turned ugly as Obama supporters once again tried to incite violence by putting bullhorns in the faces of opposing protesters and even tried to rip apart their signs. (Hat Tip Gateway Pundit)

attack denver 2

In response to increasing pressure against their agenda Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer are calling the protests “Un-American” in USA today.


Note how they suddenly have reverted to calling protests “Un-American attacks” in a desperate attempt to quell dissenting opinion. I sincerely hope that all of you unpatriotic Americans show up on election day and do your unpatriotic duty by voting against these embarrassing leftitsts.

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