Piling on: Hillary Clinton Plants Teen Actor at Empty Townhall to ask Pre-Scripted Question

Brennan Leach, Age 15, occupation: Actress
Brennan Leach, Age 15, occupation: Actress

As is the way of the Progressive, Crooked Hillary on Tuesday during a staged townhall event in Haverford, Pennsylvania took a pre-scripted question from a teen plant in the audience who is also a documented child actress.

The young actress aka “random participant” is 15-year-old, Brennan Leach, who unsurprisingly is the daughter of Daylin Leach, Progressive State Senator of Pennsylvania. (Shame on the adults using a child as a tool to aid and abet in Clinton’s late act to deceive.)

Kudos to spanglevision for exposing Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a history of scripted moments but first…

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