Hecklers Shout During Podesta’s CNN Interview: “We Got Your Emails, John Podesta!”

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

It gets no better than this. While Hillary Clinton’s playmate and partner in crime, John Podesta, in an interview with CNN, Wolf Blitzer was blaming Russia for the Wikileaks release of his emails, Trump supporters heckled the liar with chants of “Podesta, Wikileaks, Podesta….We got your emails, John Podesta.”

Yammer on, Podesta. Yammer on.


H/t Reagan Coalition.

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  1. .
    Hillary has no butt. She has lied her ass off.

    From Max Boot’s article touting HRC, titled: What the hell happened to My Rep Party?

    What the hell happened to you, Max Boot? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
    For SCOTUS alone we must keep Angel out of the Oval. Nixonian belief she’s above the law, her contempt of country, citizens, constitution, etc- if H wins, we may as well do a Nat’l Thelma & Louise.

    Writing, “evidence of T’s degeneracy & lunacy”- are you saying HC isn’t a degenerate? Is it lunacy to think laws are beneath her? She’s ALREADY done harm to US & she’d do exponentially more. Her contribution to US is a BODY count. DT’s contribution? Tens of thousands of jobs. Wouldn’t he have greater economic insight than HC? Giving T’s words more weight than H’s actions is lunacy.

    Do ‘lunatics’ create billions in wealth? It takes wisdom. It takes razor-wits. HC has neither. Do a poll, find out how many Americans wish they had his affliction.

    Your hysteria re what MrT MIGHT do vs what HC HAS & WILL do is absurd. She has greatly harmed US. Her negligence/judgement has a BODY count. T’s hyperbole is a tool used for affect, not a guarantor of future actions. He ‘threatens’ the NYTimes with a lawsuit- he may never, but if it makes them back off, he wins- lunacy. Reagan’s rhetoric also scared the hell out of ppl when he ran.

    Your a-crack’s chaffed by his claim HC is in, ‘a conspiracy with a shadowy cabal of internat’l banks to plot destruction of sovereign US in order to enrich global financial powers, her friends & donors.’

    Really Max? Do you live under a rock?

    Seen Wiki’s leaks? HC to Brazil bankers, ‘I want to conspire w you shadowy cabal of internat’l bankers to plot destruction of sovereign US in order to enrich global financial powers, my friends & donors.’

    Seriously, look up & tell me if you see a rock ceiling.

    She wants a superstate called Snamerica, a ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market.’ Doesn’t that sound like destruction of sovereign US to you?

    You say, ‘Trump’s been ranting that election is rigged,’ as if it’s baseless. JimO’Keefe’s vids show mass voter fraud. Vote machines owned by Soros ppl, the dead taking time from their dirt naps to vote, MSM collusion w Clinton camp- Max, it happens every election. Where is you head? Do you see poop?

    You wrote, ‘72% approve of his threat to jail HC, a violation of most basic norms of democracy.’ Which is worse, your critique of the pub for agreeing w him, or your wish to see a criminal escape justice? Surely you’re not echoing MSM’s absurdity he wants to jail H for ‘political’ reasons r you? They got more on her than AlCapone.

    When you wrote, ‘Clinton, a flawed candidate, sure, but also a centrist Dem w ample qualif’ns for Prez,’ my drink burst out my nostrils. A flawed candidate? You think? Stalin was also ‘flawed’ w all his sillness. She’s a ‘centrist’? Yeah & tigers r vegetarian. Maybe the center of the far left. Ample qualif’ns for Prez? Name one.

    If not anti-Christ, she is at least the anti-Midas, w awful judgement, even before her jellified brain wasn’t leaking all over herself. Her ethics are on par with a used-car hawker, & she’d be prime for extortion from our enemies to whom she handed our nation’s toppest secrets.

    Max- sry for being vague about my feels, but I’m backflipping w frust & ang.

    HC has no butt, cuz she’s lied her ass off, & is so sickly, it’s hard to get out of bed the first 6 days after Sunday. How can we elect a woman who is buttless, has a withered husk of a face, & a voice like fingernails scraping chalkboard? Who wants to wake up to THAT for 4 years? The old cow needs to be put out to pasture.

    Washington, Franklin, Adams, & later Lincoln. God didn’t put such genius at US’s inception, so a blood-curdling lib screecher could ruin it. Hearing the sound of chronic PMS out her munch-hole will give me ear cancer. TomJeff didn’t write a Declaration of Diversity, he wrote, with awesome handwriting btw, a Declaration of Independence.

    Sadly, I’ve learned the US is populated by lazybrains & dumbed-down peeps, many who can’t even name our opponent in the Rev War even after given the clue PRevere once rode, shouting, ‘The British are coming!’

    I’m afraid these ppl are about to put HC in WH. -Oh the tears in Heaven streaming down the cheeks of the Founders watching the demise of America from on high. The nation Abraham Lincoln saved and for which he was martyred. Just like the bitterly hot tears I shed for 3 days in Nov of 2012.

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