Police Shootings On YouTube—Thanks A Lot, Obama.

SFPD Body Cam
SFPD Body Cam


Police shootings on YouTube?

ARTICLE BY Jeffrey A. Friedberg

For some reason, I have been watching videos of police shootings for days—maybe a hundred of them. I couldn’t tell you exactly why.

It’s like, why is D. Pimple Popper popular? Or draining large abscesses? Or cutting out cysts? I couldn’t answer those either.

As Dr. Pimple Popper says, “It is what it is.”

I see police who are loathe to shoot, sorry when they have to, and who seem to do everything in their power to try and save the perpetrator.

It seems to me that police are confronted way too frequently with “constitutionalists,” or those blithering idiots who think they know more about legalities of the job than the cop on the job.

Or plain out “resisters” who refuse to obey commands—commands like, “Stop…put your hands up…drop the gun…get out of the car…don’t move…don’t come any closer to me….”

You know—crazy stuff like that. Things “no law-abiding citizen should have to put up with.” And there’s the fricking problem: the geniuses I’m seeing in the videos are not “law-abiding.” They end up getting shot, or shooting a cop, or they get into a yuge take-down fight.

It seems to be mostly sudden and explosive. Like the perp was thinking, thinking, thinking and planning it—it’s just way to fast otherwise. Like they had a prior plan.

One particularly sickening episode involved “The Takedown of Gabrille Lemon.” (The correct spelling is “Lemos.”) This is one where a cop is innocently driving along and sees a truck and trailer with a car on it blocking the road and hears yelling. As any good cop on the job would do, he stops to investigate. He ends up in the middle of an all female screaming contest of truly Biblical proportion. He is soon backed up by other cops and one of the (convicted) offenders is taken away bruised and in cuffs.

Gabbi and her way gabby, over-the-top mother are both ultimately sentenced to jail for resisting arrest. The cop is exonnerated but his mother has died before hearing the decision that vindicates her son.

The cop, in court, finally gets to say:

“I will tell you, Gabrielle Lemos, you delayed and resisted me throughout this incident,” Holton, 44, said, choking back tears. “I come to find out it was because of the color of my skin.”

I will tell you—there is NO REASON to judge ANYBODY solely on the color of their skin—black, brown, or white. No reason at all.

I will note that this Political-Hollywood-TV-MSM “news,” attitude of “racism” toward police is new in America. I have been watching consciously for probably 75 years—and before that listening to the radio. And I have never seen anything like it.

And why does this happen—explosively, or at all? And why is there a prior plan?

It’s a result from efforts of the Obamacare-liar, Barry Soetoro—AKA Barack Hussein Obama, with his three, self-chosen, Arabic, militant names. Also, from his disgraced hench-lawyer, Ricky “Fast And Furious” Holder, with his “gun-walking” scheme to disarm America.

Also, the mad-dog, lying, 24 hour, so-called, “media,” and their enablers like Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, and all the rest of the sickening, blood-thirsty, dirty, liberal bastards and other enablers.

I loathe a liberal who’s also a “bloodthirsty, dirty, bastard.” Don’t you?

I notice that Sharpton, Jackson, and BLM have gotten very quiet about this topic of “police brutality.” I said they would fade out—when, and as-soon-as, they were able to see it wasn’t working.

Why am I writing this? I think Trump needs to go on a National broadcast and explain the rights and laws governing the Police, starting with: when a command is issued, you obey it first, and question it later.

You will not win a street argument with a lawfully investigating police officer. Those who try it—in the videos—mostly end up dead with ants crawling on them, or Tazed, or hurt bad, and in cuffs, on their way to jail, judge, and jury.

“Resisters,” had better presume the police officer knows her or his own job better than you do, and that a police officer is potentially lethal—whether a 4’10” female, or a 6’6’ male.

As a guy I worked with once said, “These perps better figure out I wasn’t given all this equipment and training for nothing.”

President Trump: explain it to America—the truth. A time may come, when they will need it more than ever.


Jeffrey A. Friedberg was a South Philly, Licensed Private Eye for 35 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Friedberg was an Internet SEO guru in the 1990’s. He was an AOL Internet Representative. He has been a Thrillers Author, blogger, and columnist, from 2001 to the present. He writes at American Thinker, Watcher Of Weasels, and Elsewhere. His Website Is HERE.


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