Poll: Fighting Four Wars, Obama Convinces Americans He is Weak, Indecisive

By The Political Commentator Via Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts:

Is this breaking news or the stating of the incredibly obvious?

The results of a poll conducted by Reuters indicated what most of us already knew. A stunning 36% of those asked to assess President Obama’s performance as Commander-in-Chief said that they would term him as indecisive and dithering.

An extremely large number when you consider the fact that one of his primary functions as President is national security.

48% of those asked said they would call him cautious and consultative. To me cautious and consultative is just another way of saying that President Obama is simply indecisive. Another way of saying that he requires others to be on-board before he will commit to an action, thus resulting in his incessant dithering.

This became apparent in the run-up to the Libya no-fly zone decision when the President would not pull the trigger until other countries and world bodies told him that it was okay to do so (while neglecting to run it by his own). It was akin to decision making by committee which is fine when picking the White House Christmas tree but not so good when it comes to national security. He and his administration then swayed back and forth sending mixed messages on the exact purpose of the mission. Was it to exact regime change or solely to prevent a humanitarian crisis?

Therefore, because I believe the question that asks whether the President is cautious and consultative is to vague, I am arbitrarily adjusting the percentage of American’s who believe the President to be indecisive and dithering to well over 50%. This allows for the fact that some Americans believe cautious and consultative, when taken to the extreme of paralysis, is a good thing.

Note: Within reason no one disputes that a degree of caution and consultation is a good thing, particularly when sending the U.S. military into harms way. But, any caution and consultation needs to be within reason for someone in a leadership role. Particularly if that role is Commander-in-Chief of the world’s last remaining superpower. The United States, until Obama, has never been in a position of following the lead of France.

Finally a paltry 17% view President Obama as a strong and decisive leader. I attribute this to the fact that there are those who will support Obama no matter how inept he is, who only read the New York Times or who don’t know that Libya actually exists because they only watch MTV.