A potpourri of useful commentary about a bizarre election

Each of the linked articles in this post has something interesting to say about the upcoming election. If you’re interested in what’s going on, you could do worse than spending some time reading them or just glancing through them.

My take: At worst, Trump is not a very nice person — and that opinion depends to whom you speak.

On the other hand, Hillary, at best, is an unpleasant person and a deeply corrupt politician — and you’re not dependent on different people’s opinions for that. The objective facts speak for themselves. That Hillary is not already in prison doesn’t mean she’s innocent of the things the facts prove; it just means that she is the prime beneficiary of a corrupt system that has abandoned the rule of law, which is reason enough to keep her out of the White House.

As the stench from Hillary grows, #NeverTrumpers stand down. Even before the FBI’s announcement radically changed the game, Derek Hunter had already concluded that Hillary must go, not just because of her issues, but because her election further empowers a media that’s run amok:

Bias has always been a factor in journalism. It’s nearly impossible to remove. Humans have their thoughts, and keeping them out of your work is difficult. But 2016 saw the remaining veneer of credibility, thin as it was, stripped away and set on fire.

More than anything, I can’t sit idly by and allow these perpetrators of fraud to celebrate and leak tears of joy like they did when they helped elect Barack Obama in 2008. I have to know I weighed in not only in writing but in the voting booth.

The media needs to be destroyed. And although voting for Trump won’t do it, it’s something. Essentially, I am voting for Trump because of the people who don’t want me to, and I believe I must register my disgust with Hillary Clinton.

It’s not just the media or the Supreme Court that follow Hillary into office. Deroy Murdock reminds us that, from the top down, Hillary will take the agencies that Obama has already turned into partisan monsters, and reinforce their worst, most crooked, most bullying instincts:

A President Hillary Clinton would nominate hundreds of people to top positions that require Senate approval. She would hire hundreds of thousands of others and unleash them to perpetrate Hillaryism — a toxic blend of lies, elitist nannyism, secretive paranoia, and snarling contempt for the law. These people would enjoy police powers, fat salaries, mouth-watering benefits, and bullet-proof job security — at taxpayer expense.

Is Comey a good guy or a bad guy? Was he a bad guy in July but he’s a good guy now? Or is it the other way around? Scott Adams suggests that Comey is a good guy:

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