POTUS Delivers Remarks at Young Black Leadership Summit 2018 (#YBLS2018)

President Trump delivering remarks to Black Conservatives earlier today and like his guests, enjoying every minute.


Making the heads of Progressives explode 1-1/2 weeks before Election Day.

Turning Point USA is holding their first ever Young Black Leadership Summit 2018 (YBLS 2018, #YBLS2018) from October 25-28, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Several hours ago, President Donald J. Trump delivered his remarks to the young Conservatives in the White House.  It certainly appears that a good time was and is being had by all.  The video is at the bottom of this post but first, how about I show you a few tweets that is making the heads of Progressives, particularly Black Progressives heads explode.

One young lady has finally donned her MAGA hat.  Way to go.

Progressives are SO SCREWED.

America’s future leadership is having none of it.  Young minds are breaking the chains that have enslaved the minds of their parents, family members, classmates and neighbors for far too long.

Deep State Psy Ops Failing.

The Communist media complex playing their mind control games, Progressive bureaucrats offering SNAP and Obamaphones, so-called Black leaders demanding that Black people walk the walk and talk the talk as ordered are losing their grip.

Less people are falling for the deep state false flag operations.

Jeez, how will they explain it to their globalist masters that they are no longer able to bully and mock Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other ethnicities, America’s future leadership into staying put and questioning nothing?

Last evening with Donald J. Trump, Jr. Scary, if one is a Progressive. See DJT, Jr.’s speech at the bottom of this post as well and listen to our young Conservatives respond with “build a wall.”


Leading up to President Donald J. Trump’s appearance at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2018.

Dr. Benjamin Carson.


Indeed, a beautiful day in America and even better for the young Conservatives aka future leadership so blessed to be able to attend this weekend’s Summit.

I’ll post some more images and videos when they become available.

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