A prediction about Donald Trump’s presidency

Obama promised to be a transformative president, but he built nothing that will last except racial rancor. However, looking at just a handful of things that Donald Trump has already done:

  • His exciting appointments that will shrink government spending, restore the rule of law, and enhance American security (e.g., Myron Ebell on his transition team; “Mad Dog” Mattis at the DOD; Jeff Sessions in the DOJ);
  • His breezy phone calls to foreign leaders, which turn stolid, possibly unworkable, paradigms on their head); and
  • His envisioning new ways to create wealth in America (something that Charles Krauthammer is beginning to realize).

I’m feeling giddy enough to make a prediction about him:

I think Donald Trump may go down as one of America’s greatest presidents.

When I listened to Trump’s speech in Cincinnati (an excerpt of which you can see below), I wanted to stand up and with this excited audience myself and holler “USA! USA!”

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