Progressive Media Meltdown at State Department Briefing

For years Conservative, Independent and other non-Progressive media outlets were intentionally excluded from White House Press Corps.

It’s a new day —

To the disdain of media elites used to controlling the narrative in the White House Press Corps, under the Trump administration, media outlets formerly excluded now have a seat at the table.

Enter Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson’s trip to Asia –

Earlier this week, members of the White House press corps went into meltdown mode because journalist, Erin McPike of Independent Journal Review (IJR), a Conservative media website is traveling with Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson to Asia leaving the diplomatic press corps behind.

One reporter propagandist wanted to know why they were discussing the exclusion of the diplomatic press corps (dog whistle for Progressive press corps) rather than discussing the issues.

Answer:  Because she and her fellow propagandists in attendance at the State Department briefing are in meltdown mode and grilling acting spokesperson, Mark C. Toner.

Toner changes the subject. Oops!

As you will see in the video below, it is not until 16:05 of the briefing that Toner is able to take a question on the Human Rights’ Council only to be interrupted at 18:10 and accused of intentionally moving away from the discussion.

Canada Free Press

…The liberal media were in meltdown mode over the decision to bring Erin McPike of the Independent Journal Review (IJR) on the official plane carrying Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Asia.

A Reuters story, “Conservative website only media on Tillerson plane to Asia,” captured the sorrow. In the briefing room, the sorrow erupted into grief and barely-controlled anger.

“This is a conservative outlet,” protested Michelle Kosinski, a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for CNN, referring to IJR. She added, “For the White House, or whoever made this decision, to choose an organization that is not part of the pool and is an obviously conservative website or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t that narrow the message and not broaden it? And what message does this send to the American public and the rest of the world?

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Another example:  CNN’s global affairs correspondent Elise Labott:

So does that mean that in your effort to include a broader participation of U.S. media, that the foreign policy journalists and diplomatic press corps that have traveled with the secretary for ages and are steeped in the issues of foreign policy and that are at this podium questioning about U.S. policy and the various developments every day are being kind of excluded?

steeped in the issues of foreign policy” as if Conservative media is not.


Labott, a high and mighty shill for Hillary Clinton, according to leaked emails by Gawker once collaborated with senior Clinton advisor Philippe Reines to discredit Senator Rand Paul at a Senate hearing on Benghazi back in 2013.


But she’s not one of us —

How dare the White House choose a journalist(s) that is not “part of the pool and is obviously ‘Conservative’”.

Toner’s response to the uproar from Progressive propagandists enquiring about the motivation behind Tillerson decision to travel with a “Conservative” reporter:

I think it sends a message that we’re willing to look at new paradigms with our approach to the media, again, while at the same time ensuring that traditional media has full access, and non-traditional media for that matter.

The State Department Correspondents Association while crying into their bowl of stale corn flakes issued the following press statement on Twitter.

The Progressive media responded to the tweet by mocking and writing hit pieces on IJR.

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