Progressive at Work Destroys Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star

You simply cannot make this stuff up. The intolerant dopes on the left who have no concept of self-worth has nothing better to do with their lives than to create chaos and destroy property as in the case of James Otis, the California man who destroyed Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Sir Galahad aka Otis (NOT)in a video conference with TMZ claimed that he was standing up not just for Donald Trump’s accusers but all victims of sexual assault.

Otis became miffed after Donald Trump announced plans to sue his accusers. The felonious vandal who pulled this publicity stunt is obviously looking for a big payday.  Otis planned to auction off the star donating the proceeds to the women accusing Trump of assault.

While he has yet to turn himself in, Otis has secured legal counsel and would love to go to court “with Donald Trump, it would be a great honor.” Like I said, someone is looking for a payday and book deal. [my emphasis on the latter]

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