Progressives, Fake News and Sweden’s Attempt to Discredit President Trump Fail.

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The global elites, Swedish government, Progressives, and their media propaganda machine continue to express outrage that President Donald Trump at a rally in Florida this past Saturday put a spotlight on Sweden’s problem with Muslim migrants while talking about extreme vetting.

Oh, hit a nerve, did we?  Or was the media up to its same old tricks? FAKE NEWS!

How dare the president speak of the atrocities committed by Muslim terrorists who have invaded Sweden or any other part of the world.

The failed propaganda machine who under eight years of Barack Obama refused to call Islamic terrorist attacks by its name, labeled the president’s statement baffling and quoted fake crime stats as provided by the Swedish government to cover up the country’s very real threat from its migrant population.

According to very fake news CNN, President Donald Trump’s reference to “what’s happening last night in Sweden” during a Saturday rally in Florida raised questions in Sweden and around the internet about what he really meant and where he gets his information.”

The Swedish Embassy desperate to discredit Trump’s statement dispatched the following tweet:

President Trump tweeted clarification of his statement. The Swedish embassy responded respectively intent on covering up the problem.


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